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Types Of Homemade Power Generators 

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The main subject of interest that is of great importance amongst house owners is the building of homemade power generator. The high cost of electricity and the bad effect of global warming to their community are the two main reasons why they wanted to generate their own electricity. I am sure that there are other home owners who would be interested to know the other types of homemade power generators. Let us discuss them one by one.

Here are the types of homemade power generators: 

•  Solar power generator - This is a type of power generator which uses sunlight to generate electricity. It uses solar cell panels or photovoltaic cell panels which converts sunlight energy to electricity. However, this type of power generation is depending on the availability of sunlight. In order to maximize the harnessing of solar energy, the solar panel are placed on the roof of the building. Storage battery is required in the system so that it can store the excess electricity that your will be producing.This in turn will act as your back up power during the night or when sufficient sunlight is not available. You will need also a voltage inverter to convert dc voltage to ac voltage.

•   Wind turbine generator – This is type of power generator which uses the power from the wind to rotate the blades of the turbine. The blades must be made of light and durable materials like the PVC pipes. It will need an alternator unit to convert the wind energy into electricity.. You are required to provide a storage battery to store the excess power that are generated. This will serve as a backup when there is not enough wind power to rotate your wind turbine A piece of land is required to construct your wind power generator.

•    Magnetic power generator – This is a type of power generator which uses magnet to generate electricity. Magnetic electric energy is generated by the polarization of the magnet poles creating a repulsion and attraction movement. This process of magnetic rotation uses lesser energy than the magnetic energy it produces thereby producing free energy. Another good thing about it is it is cheaper to construct, uses lesser space and cheaper to run compared to solar and wind power generators.

There is no doubt that solar power, wind power and magnetic power generators can really cut your electric bills. On top of it it does not produce bad smoke and therefore does not pollute our environment. We can help clean our planet earth and stop the global warming if we use these three types of homemade power generators. It is about time that we start preserving our natural resources for the next generations to come. 

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